I just want to come out here on my beautiful vacation lifestyle here in Maui Hawaii, and this video is really centered and dedicated on how to make money blogging. And it’s a very universal topic so I’ll try to give you a little more direction and purpose on how you can successfully start making money by blogging, and making money working from home.

Because I know there’s so many more people in this internet income age that like to say they are looking for a way to actually supplement their income or really start building a residual income that can wean them off their 9:00 to 5:00 corporate job or just their job or their situation or scenario that they’re not really comfortable with, and making money blogging can be a very, very practical way for you to start transitioning into this internet age and start making money digitally.

Because there’s so many people worldwide now, as the internet has really made the world a global marketplace. Making money blogging, setting up a blog, and learning how to monetize the blog is a very easy thing to do nowadays. There’s so many tips and tricks and programs, tutorials, videos, and instructions on how to actually set up a blog and start making money from it.

But I want to come out here and make a video and I just want to say, the reason why you should listen to me on making money blogging subject and topic is I’ve actually been doing that successfully for over seven years. I’ve been actually doing this, making money blogging for over seven years now so I know a thing or two. I’ve experienced all of the pitfalls, all of the hang-ups, all of the problems and frustrations that can come when trying to set up a blog, and monetize it, and rank it, and get traffic to it, and optimize it for lead generation and traffic flow, and conversions.

All of that matters, but I want to give you the broad spectrum of how to really successfully start making money by blogging and having a make-money blog that allows you to make money on auto-pilot because your thoughts, your opinions, your reviews or suggestions are a powerful way to start generating and building a brand online and you do that by blogging.

And blogging essentially means you just share whatever’s on your mind, but you could do it in a more purposeful driven direction, if you will, on how to actually target people who are going to be searching for the same things that you’re going to be sharing your thoughts and your opinions and reviews on, and you can strategically start making money by doing that, because learning how to make money online from home really is about blogging.

You could do video marketing, such as this, but you can also do video marketing by blogging, which is a much more powerful way to really leverage your time and start capitalizing on multiple websites and just their natural traffic that they bring.

I always like to tell people, as a marketer, not that you have to be a marketer to make money blogging, but there are four major websites from a marketing perspective that you can actually take advantage of. One being Google, another being YouTube, another being Facebook, another being Craigslist. Those are the four predominant websites that already have a ton of natural traffic to them and people spend a lot of time on. A lot of just ample, just consideration and just they invest a lot of their time on those four websites.

And so the key is if you can position yourself in front of that wave of people day in and day out that visit those sites all day long, I swear people get on Facebook for half their day sometimes trying to refresh their news feed seeing what is live all the time. You can actually take advantage of that by having a blog and sending people to your thoughts, to your opinions, to your content creation and generation ideas that you have out there, and you can build that brand and establish a little bit of authority and leadership inside whatever niche and expertise that you have in life.

Because if you can help people solve their problems, if you can help them get the desired results they’re seeking, making money blogging can become very easy and simple by nature because it’s very natural for us to create. We are all artistic people in recovery, so to speak, and if you can learn how to tell stories and write quality reviews and lead by example and show people why you picked this over this, or why they should do this way versus that way.

A lot of different ways to do it, but by blogging you can actually get your opinions out there, get your thoughts out there, and people can find them on their own leisure. They can find them. You don’t have to force feed them your information like so many marketers out there trying to do.

So many people are trying to force feed their information and throw all their offers out. It’s like they’re leading the cart before the horse, so to speak, and it doesn’t work like that. And that’s the beauty of making money by blogging, is that you can actually put your reviews up there and people will find them tomorrow, the next week, the next month, the next year.

Years from now, people will be watching the same exact video that I post online, that will be there for years, on how to make money blogging, because I’m going to optimize this video. I’m going to share it amongst my social network. I’m going to share it on Facebook, and YouTube and Google. I’m going to share it on all my email lists and all my people that just know me and that are searching for how to make money blogging.

Anybody who’s interested in that, I’m going to try to position this video in front of them, and then get them to my blog to see what I have to offer, see what I can help them with, see what I can solve for them, see the solutions and just the natural alternatives I can give people, whether it’s weight loss and health, whether it’s gardening, whether it’s how to make money, whether it’s blogging tips and suggestions on how to tweak your conversion and get more subscribers and get more followers and build a bigger audience, because that’s what this is all about and making money blogging is a great medium for you to really converse with one another through this visual age, the internet income age, like I like to say. So by making money blogging, you understand that the world becomes your playground because you can blog about anything. You can blog about anything under the sun that peaks your interest that you are actually knowledgeable about, that you have some truth about, that you have some first-hand experience about or whatever else it is you want to. Maybe there’s a hot new video game.

Maybe there’s a great new music video out. Maybe there’s a great new CD out. There’s so many things that you can write on that people will actually search for online and they don’t want to hear from all these big corporations all the time. They want to hear from users who have actually used their product or a service or an opportunity or whatever the case may be. They want to find it from real authentic people and that’s why you blog daily.

If you can create that content and then market it just on your social networks and market on the four major platforms, Google, YouTube, and Facebook and Craigslist even. Craigslist is not a gray area or a question mark, but if you can master the other three, you’re going to be way better off than Craigslist, even though Craigslist is a very good platform and website for a marketing perspective, but the Google, YouTube and Facebook are the three most visited websites in the entire world, so that means visited people are people there, so that’s ultimately who you’re going to offer things to, and suggest things to, and get recommendations.

And that’s the audience that you’re trying to incorporate, is the people that are looking for the things that you’re blogging about. And if you start building yourself as a brand, realizing that people join people, people follow people. They don’t follow corporation, so to speak. They don’t join business opportunities and get products and services because of what they do. They did it because other people do it and because they want to earn the respect of their peers, so to speak.

Now that’s not universal. That’s not going to happen in every scenario, but the key is, if you make money blogging by doing diverse topics and a multitude of just areas and topics and subjects in whatever you’re knowledgeable about, whatever you have some truth about. Like I said, you can now share that and you can capitalize on that by just learning how to basically blog your thoughts. Blog your feelings. It’s almost like a daily diary, is learning how to make money blogging, and you can just start sharing people.

Because I’m telling you, friends, there’s going to be so many more people in this world who are going to want to be interested in making money blogging, and there’s a lot of how-to out there that they can get quickly overwhelmed with, and there are now systems that offer you a complete, fully search engine optimized blog that just allows you to plug-and-play, point-and-click, and just start writing your content, having a simple call to action, which we’ll have more in later videos.

But this video is just centered about why you should start making money by blogging, on your passions, on your interests. Really whatever intrigues you. Whatever, like I said, you have some expertise and some knowledge, and you could start sharing that with the world and reaping the benefits from that, and then you can start doing that from part-time to full-time by doing that day in and day out.

Understand, if you carried a piece of content every single day, whether there’s a video and you put it on your website and you get it transcribed so you actually have a blog post, that’s like a double edged sword right there, making a video, getting it transcribed, and then putting both on your blog site, as well as YouTube, and you can post that on Facebook. That’s a great way to start making money by blogging, and that’s something I’ve been doing for over seven years.

I set up thousands, and I do mean plural, thousands of websites by myself, and now, this day and age, 2013 and beyond, there’s so many websites and systems already set up for you. All you’ve got to do is pay a small monthly fee and you can actually get that done for you and plug-and-play, point-and- click, like I said earlier, and everything becomes very easy, and all you have to do is focus on yourself, building your brand, creating your own content, generating your own ideas, and that’s the best way to start making money by blogging online.

Because, like I said, the fact that so many people are going to start being interested in making money from home so they can travel to beaches of the world, come to Hawaii here, have the sun beating down on you. Such a beautiful day, as the wind from the ocean is blowing all over me right now. Feels amazing.

I just want to share with you that making money blogging is the number one reason why I’m here, sharing this with you, because I quickly learned that a blog was really my portal into helping people make money and because it’s a website, blogger website is pretty pseudomonas, if you will, is really the one and the same, this day and age.

But a blog is, you can just post content daily and you’re going to start building natural traffic. You’re going to start getting people who are finding you through keyword optimization. You’re going to start finding people who YouTube you. You are going to start finding people who are interested in your Facebook and what you have to say, and what you have to offer, especially if you’re giving them real quality value.

What I like to say value in the marketplace, because like I said earlier, the internet has changed the game. It’s godspeed. It’s instant communication around the world. It’s made the whole entire world a global marketplace. People from India, people from the Philippines, people from Europe, people from Canada, people from South America.

It doesn’t matter. People from all over the world are buying things and shipping things all over the world nowadays, and you can capitalize on all of that, especially in this digital age, where a lot of it doesn’t even need shipped. You just offer information. You offer how-to. You offer guides and tutorials on how to actually do something better than they’re already doing.

That’s the best way to do it, by making money blogging, and sharing ideas on how to do things better. Solve problems. Get people the results they’re seeking, and I guarantee you, everybody will gladly pay for that.

So with that being said, in my seven years of journey of making money blogging, I know that there’s a lot of people searching this information. I invite you to follow me, subscribe to me. Too many emails, send me a Skype contact. Let’s communicate and I can share with you more and more ideas on how you can optimize your passions and really define your purpose as to why you’re blogging day in and day out, and I guarantee you’re going to look forward to it. Almost like a daily digital diary, if you will. That’s the key to making money by blogging.

So with that being said, I’m going to go enjoy this sunshine and this beautiful breeze here. Thanks for tuning in.

This is T, Master Blogger and SEO Expert. Thanks for tuning in to this make money blogging video. I have much more coming, so subscribe, like this video if you can. It always gives me encouragement and inspiration to do more of these because I know I can help a lot of you because I’ve had, like I said, I’ve had seven years of first-hand experience doing this, so I know all of the learning curve.

I know all of the frustrations that so many people encounter, and I want to cut down on those and really start helping you excel towards your dreams and towards your goals of living in this digital based economy.

So with that being said, peace be with you. Live from your truths. Make money blogging, starting today. Act now.