How To Start A Blog

One of my favorite areas for discussion is the subject and topic of how to make money online from blogging. Truth is, I stumbled into making money from home by learning how to blog on accident.

My goal here is to show you the basics of how to blog and the difference between creating free blog sites vs paid/owning blogging sites. I vote for the ladder if you want more flexibility and functionality, but we will let you choose based on the facts and figures presented below.

For me, I quickly realized I was not a face to face business type, or phone call machine, or programmer/coder/designer so I wanted something quick install, easy setup, and simple functionality to use for my own business.

Funny thing is, I first learned how to create a free blog online back in 2006, when I was 22 years old and just wrapping up college.

At first, I was overwhelmed, technically challenged and had no clear direction on where to go or who to see about getting my first blog website setup on the internet so I could publish and create content at will.

There are a few fundamental contributing factors in which I would like to share with you on how to start a blog online . There is an overloaded amount of blogging websites that teach people how to set up a blog, yet not all seem to provide the most genuine information and usually offer a catch. To create a blog is nothing more than create a website. Those who can afford to buy a relevant domain name should go for it versus those who are just trying to fill out the online blogging world can setup free blog websites on sites around the internet (wordpress, tumblr, blogspot etc).


How To Make Money Blogging

At the very end, we will give more technical directions on how to successfully setup a blog and ultimately “How To Blog” properly in order to make it worth while and fun.

But one of my favorite parts about blogging from home is the ability to make money online by promoting various offers, products, services, and opportunities. Of course these all are value and purpose driven and something I would use/recommend/suggest for myself or own family/friends. This is where blogging online gets fun and entertaining, is when you start to reap the rewards from the content you are generating on a daily basis (the more the better, but quality over quantity when it comes to blogging on the internet).

We already did a seven part truth series on [How To Make Money Blogging] where we offer tips, feedback, and advice on how we go about making sure we make a healthy living from all of our blogging needs.

If you want to go the free blog route, you do not have to worry about domains, hosting, or wordpress/blogging system setup. That will save you time, but likely not convenience. A hosting plan will allow your website to become available on the World Wide Web and allow you to control 100% of the blogging content, layout, and structure. In case you can’t afford a plan like the one mentioned earlier, go for the free blogging platforms. WordPress, Blogger and other similar platforms provide free hosting. Try them and you surely won’t be disappointed.

However, more advanced bloggers and users will want more control, functionality, and freedom to move amongst their own blogging website. In time, all of us bloggers need our own site, personally or professionally branded, but the key is to just start blogging daily and see how much fun it truly can be to express enthusiasm and excitement for the world to see.

Some of those who know how to set up a blog have the talents to teach others. Good bloggers have created training programs for beginners to learn their ways. Once you have an idea about how to set up a blog, you get a good chance to become a successful blogger. There are a lot of people that choose to make money online blogging as their primary income or even as a supplemental income.

You must understand your website should be user friendly and also appealing. In case you have no idea about how to design a website, hire a freelancer. Many professionals have the talents and abilities to create something extraordinary with a website… Not tot mention all the freelancers know how to set up a blog.

After you are done setting up the structure, start thinking about content. It’s not enough to know how to set up a blog. The most important thing about a blog is content. As long as content is resourceful, informative and of high quality, the website is sure to succeed.

How To Make Money By Blogging

Make Money Blogging

Visitors will be interested about what your content has to offer and they will keep coming back. Visitors mean traffic, traffic means money. A trafficked website/blog will always be a great money making source. Merchants are very interested in advertising their products and services on blogs that are highly trafficked. This is awesome for those of us who are entrepreneurs and are wanting to start building a business from home by blogging online.

If you know how to start a blog and you no longer need professionals to help you, great! You won’t need to invest in the human resource anymore. Some webmasters only take care administrate their web-pages, paying others to edit their content. A good blogger can write about anything.

You could administrate more blogs in the same time. Diversity means more money. Interlink them and you will gain more coverage.

Blogging For Money Online

As said before, just knowing how to set up a blog is not enough. When I talk about the best work from home businesses, I am showcasing and pointing out the fact to be aware of having a system and training in place before ever joining one of those business opportunities.

Content is King and is the essential part for the search engines to rank, index, and search your blogging sites. A blog that isn’t indexed and ranked by the most appreciated search engines doesn’t exist. In order for the blog to be indexed and ranked by search engines, the content needs to be keyword-rich.

Make sure to use the keywords in a smart manner. Don’t just agglomerate them in sentences and phrases, as this causes the content to lose its sense, spelling and grammar. Just like visitors, search engines look for high quality content. In case they don’t find it, the websites/blogs remain non existent.

Hoping you have learned how to set up a blog, we close this article.